Fenster (2004-2022)

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Fenster (2004-2022)

Jeanne Artemis
27 April 2021
Tags: PianoSolo
for Piano Solo
Duration: ~8:30

"The cycle is called 'Fenster' ('Windows'). The short pieces are written in a free constellation, they are dated by different years, the oldest being from 2004. I guess whenever she looks out of the window, she is inspired by what she sees and writes those miniatures." (Fidan Aghayeva-Edler)

"'Fenster' means 'Window' and I think this name is apt in that not only are the pieces slight in their length but also in their material, much like a windows limits one's ocular perspective. Each of the pieces is concerned with one idea which occasionally has smaller ideas introduced but unobtrusively." (James W. Iman)

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